Rental Bundles, Deals and Discounts

Unbelizeable Golf Cart Rental has put together a promotional deal on golf cart rental that you cannot afford to miss.

When you rent a golf cart for one week you can get two choices.

1. One free snorkeling trip.

2. Support a local elementarily school.

If you choose the snorkeling trip then Unbelizeable will make necessary arrangements and agree on date with you to book the snorkeling trip with a local tour center.

If you choose to support the school then Unbelizeable will donate $100BZ off the rental fee to the building of individual lockers for the students of Isla Bonita Elementary School.

You can form part of the development of Isla Bonita Elementary School to provide a better education and experience to their students in San Pedro. Isla Bonita Elementary School just opened its doors in September, 2000, unfortunately that same year hurricane Keith hit the island of San Pedro and destroyed the school building. However with much effort and love for their students, the school is back on its feet and has developed ever further.

Unbelizeable Golf Cart Rental is joining hands with them to continue develop the school with the sole aim of providing a better experience and education for its students.